We See The Light Ahead

We see the light ahead through splintered shores,

At once familiar and comforting is now gone.

Man labors with back and hand in attempt to restore

All that growing up we cherished most fond.

This eternal fight we fight against nature’s mother

Seldom permits us a chance to win.

An emboldened adversary unlike any other,

One we’ve struggled against since time began.

Still we battle her in the most reckless of ways

Settling on shores in storm fronts path.

Destruction and death like the end-of-days;

Consequences suffered by the masters wrath.

As time passes–in weakness we forget

Under crystal skies and the calming blue sea.

Rebuilding what was lost without worry or regret,

Ignoring natures warnings by choosing not to flee.

As history has proven this will happen again,

Crushing what we make like a house of cards.

Then just like before we will struggle and mend,

Sweeping away the timber and shards.

What do we expect when we challenge the Almighty

By rebuking the call to heed his demands.

Instead doing what we please–never contritely,

Choosing to suffer rather than follow his commands.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Torrents of Rain

Torrents of rain,

Devastating floods,

Blinding snows,

Frigid cold,

Sweltering heat,



Hurricanes smashing lives,

El Ninõ,

El Ninã,

The perfect storm,

Take responsibility for ourselves,

Take responsibility for our actions,

Unless it interferes with capitalism,

Then responsibility goes out the window.

Global warming…


Liberal scientists–a gauntlet to progress

Or could we really be destroying the planet.

Recklessly laying waste to mother earth,

All for the almighty dollar.

What will we leave as our legacy?

A world spiraling out of control,

Cold, hot, bleak, devastated,

Because of our denial,

Because of our arrogance,

Chaos for the next generation,

And the ones that follow them.

Our responsibility is not arbitrary,

It is our duty,

We owe it to the future,

To do what is right,

Before its too late.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~