Fascists Among Us

Fascists among us

In the likes of Donald Trump

And his followers

A disgrace to humankind

Yet they live in denial



Prevailing in this nation…

In this century

Learning nothing in decades

We are destined to repeat


Showing no regret

Is what is most troubling

In this modern day

Racism and hatred live

In their violence and threats


Have we learned nothing

Showing little tolerance

What have we become

But laughing stocks of the world

And fodder for terrorists


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Confederate Flag

Confederate flag–

Symbol of our darkest time,

Human slavery.

Prideful in their ignorance

There are those still full of hate.


Don’t they understand,

There are wounds as yet unhealed–

Open and bleeding.

Each raising stings of poured salt

In an already deep gash.


I weep for their pain.

Have they not suffered enough

At your racist hands?

The shame is you don’t see it

Being blinded by false pride.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Peeling Back The Layers

Peeling back the layers

Like an onion of marble, brick, wood,

Concrete, steel and plaster.

What lies beneath this man-made skeleton?

Flesh, blood, bone,

Hopes, dreams, promise,

Failure, disappointment, longing,

Pain, suffering and sorrow,

Wrapped in the package human.

Wealth nor status makes one immune.

Life infects rich and poor alike,

Birth and death spare no one,

Entering into their pact with nothing

And fulfilling the contract with no reward.

These truths are guaranteed

Despite a desire to bury them in denial, religion or alcohol.

Make what you will of your life

Ignore those that cry to you with outstretched hands,

Divert your eyes from malnourishment,

Turn your back on humanities fallen,

Do this and more without conscience

As a soulless miscreant is bound to do.

This is your choice.

Or join this race we all run…offering,

Time, money, love,

Compassion, sympathy, understanding,

A helping hand, encouragement,

As much or as little as you have,

This is what it means to be human,

To be in communion,

Asking nothing in return.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Words I (Try to) Live By

As dramas unfold in life,

We seek guidance wherever it may be found,

God, government, friends, family,

Selectively choosing that which we find amiable,

While discarding what is distasteful,

This grants us no benefit,

Except to the feeble mind which construed.

At times we must exhibit courage through self-sacrifice,,

Enduring the consequences of our thoughts and deeds,

In order to reap our just reward,

In this truth, I strive to live my life,

To curb unkind thoughts,

Withhold unhelpful actions,

And consider every man my equal and friend.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Goodbye to a Fickle Friend

I’ve blamed you for my failures

My lack of progress and time

I’ve blamed you for my regrets

Even before I knew you

Denial is such a fickle friend

Used as a crutch to discredit one’s shortcomings

This is nothing more than a charade

A game I have played for a lifetime

A look inside bore the reflection of truth

It was me all along

My own worst enemy

Incessant procrastination has held me back

Over-thinking every minute detail has crippled me

Accomplishments lay out of reach to no one else’s fault

It was never you at blame for my failures

Nor my lack of progress or time

Regrets were never realized through you

I have deflected my imperfections long enough

The mirror has parlayed a harsh reality

Leaving me exposed to the frailty that has been the catalogue of my life

With eyes splayed wide, the path before me is clear

Freeing me to pursue all that I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding out of fear

For this I am forever grateful to you

In spite of me

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~