Fascists Among Us

Fascists among us

In the likes of Donald Trump

And his followers

A disgrace to humankind

Yet they live in denial



Prevailing in this nation…

In this century

Learning nothing in decades

We are destined to repeat


Showing no regret

Is what is most troubling

In this modern day

Racism and hatred live

In their violence and threats


Have we learned nothing

Showing little tolerance

What have we become

But laughing stocks of the world

And fodder for terrorists


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

13 thoughts on “Fascists Among Us

  1. Let me just say that the Republican debates were funny and entertaining as heck. How hilarious Trump stating the Muslim population has tremendous hate in large portions of their population. Hmm, could he have been talking about the GOP, as well?

    • We he still has to beat the opponent for the opposing party which is also very strong. Our only hope is that Trump will continue to fragment the Republican Party to the extent that it will be extremely difficult to get him elected.

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