From Heaven Falls Tears

From Heaven falls tears

Washing man’s filth from this earth.

Is that not called love?

Could any Father do more

To heal wounds of his children?


He weeps for our souls,

Our loss of humanity

Once gifted to us,

Dismissed in lieu of greed

Yet denied by the greedy.


Is this not our way,

To walk through life in blindness

Avoiding our flaws?

Then in our reckoning hour

We beg for His forgiveness.


How foolish we are

Destroying so many lives

All for bits of gold.

In the end what did this buy,

But a road leading to Hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Little one,

You never asked to be brought into this world.


Cold and cruel,

Born on the wrong side of the tracks.


A mother’s love,

Can feed the soul, but the body still craves.


Too young to speak,

Still your cries speak louder than any words.


Sustenance is your right,

Denial would only draw covenant with your demise.


Dying is inevitable,

A fact of life, but a fate undeserved to one so young.


Blamed for your station,

You live in the shadows,

Cursed by the sins of your father,

Left to scavenge at the fringes,

Only to be forgotten,

Or treated as a pariah,

By defect of conscience.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~