What Lies On Distant Shores

What lies on distant shores,

Buckets, pigeon holes, troughs for segregation.

Language, dress, birthplace do not an enemy make.

Where came this bitter misdirection?

Religion, culture, song, dance,

These are things of man’s creation.

Strip naked man and woman–

Lay them bare of their mortal inventions.

Confiscate their language, dress, birthplace,

Expropriate their religion, culture, song, dance,

Take all they have of this world;

What have they left?

Blood and skin and bone;

That which crumbles with inevitable death.

Hopes and dreams, emotions;

intangibles that define humanness.

Air, food, water, shelter;

That which sustains us.

Boundaries of man hold no sway over these.

We are but one species,

Born and consumed in life,

Until the day we return home

To the dust from whence we came.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Give Love (Sonnet/Anaphora)

Give love so love remains

Give from the heart with every beat

Give from the soul until it sings love’s refrains

Give until you feel passions heat


Live like today shall be your last

Live with gusto until hopes are fulfilled

Live until wildest dreams have surpassed

Live until the time that your heart has been stilled


Sing your song with most joyous of voice

Sing with the gladness from heaven above

Sing with the song God gave by his choice

Sing all your days with kindness and love


Cherish every moment for the gifts that they bring

For they pass by as quickly as an eagle on his wing


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~


Summer Nights – A Kyrielle

 Summer nights in sweltering heat.

Crickets chirp ne’er miss a beat.

Cheerful song, devil-may-care.

Like a knife cuts stagnant air.


Ribbit goes the frog in pond.

Male to female they both respond.

Spawning tadpole the two a pair.

Like a knife cuts stagnant air.


Heat of night does not deter.

Frog and cricket both concur.

Beautiful songs they both do share.

Like a knife cuts stagnant air.


By  Dominic R. DiFrancesco

Song For You

Songs sung– Sung to you

I sing to you– Songs of truth

You– I hold so dear

Never were my eyes so clear

Comfort me and all my fears

Love grows– As years pass

Subtle, soft and sweet it lasts

This– I know as true

This I knew as passion grew

Love will outlast time


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Welcome Spring

Image Credit: fanpop.com

Image Credit: fanpop.com

Welcome sight the breath of spring,

Air so clear, air so clean,

Though we claim the cloudless sky,

It floats away regardless how we try.

From Heaven above to earth below,

We only see what Mother Nature will show.

She plays on emotion- the sun so warm and bright,

Sinks below horizon- we hold with all our might.

To no avail we say goodbye to the day,

Not to have it any other way,

Tomorrow will come and a new day will dawn,

Today is here and yesterday is gone,

Sun comes up as it always has done,

The birds will awake and greet us with song,

Renewal of soul does their singing bring,

As we welcome in a breath of spring.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Night at the Symphony

The silence of sunset,

Birds return to their nests,

Resting from their day of song.


Crickets rosin their bows,

Preparing for the evenings symphony,

While crowds await their glorious tune.


The sun glows mandarin,

As it slowly ducks behind the shadowy horizon,

Echoing in a tense truce between diurnal and nocturnal.


As the last sliver of day sets,

The orchestra begins their performance,

Breaking the uneasy silence.


Eerie yet beautiful sounds of nightfall,

Originating from unseen musicians,

Thrill their awestruck audience.


Wondrous are the players of the night,

Talented and shy, invisible to all except the trained eye,

Hiding behind their curtain of darkness.


Night is not to be feared, but cherished,

Enveloping its onlookers in the leisurely tune,

Eliciting a most restful slumber.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~