I Am

I am–Nothing and everything

I am–Saint and sinner

I am–Man and Divine

I am–Living and dying

I am–Strong and fragile

I am–Love and hate

I am–Good and evil

I am–All of these things

For one cannot exist without the other.


Would you know the laudable in me

Without staring my indiscretions in the face?


Look within me to find the mirror of yourself,

All that I am is you, perfect and imperfect.


There is much for which I am not proud,

But I take comfort that I am who I am.


Just as it is fruitless for you to deny

That you are who you are.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Blustery Emotions (Sonnet)

Blustery emotions we never quite reveal,.

Held closely to the breast, we keep hollow charade

In clutching to desire, allowing us to feel

Passion for our lives behind handsome painted facade.

What pray tell do these falsehoods promise portend,

But misery and suffering at their wretched feeble hand.

Lies behind a masquerade, this be all that it sends

As it passes through the narrow, the hourglass sand.

To whom doth this harm, dishonesty deceive,

None other than ourselves with a lifetime of regret.

Whilst in our final hour, its our soul that we grieve,

Taken to the grave, eternity ne’er forgets.

Would truth not have been wiser, to others and ourselves,

For in the end lies get washed away like watercolors–not pastels.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~