Not Unlike Any Other Day

Not unlike any other day;

Venturing a noon day stroll.

Characteristic music playing in my ears

Eerily absent as I make my way.

Preferring to listen to songs playing around me;

The rustling of leaves,

The birds in the trees,

Mariachi blaring from a passing car,

The sound of machinery

Busying otherwise idle hands,

The sounds of steel pipe clanging,

All music to my ears,

All sounds I would have missed

If they were muffled by my Beats.

How interesting I found this orchestra,

Each playing to its own metronome.

None were less sweet than the other

Though how vastly different the pitch.

Perhaps this is the beginning a new routine,

One in which I take notice.

Enjoying both the sights and sounds

Of the world that surrounds me

Instead of drowning it out with modern gadgetry.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Thoroughfares, city streets, horns, whistles, sirens,

Skyscrapers, Bodegas, concrete, glass, marble,

Architectural mix of contemporary and antiquity,

Pedestrians clambering for every inch of real estate,

Bumping and banging without so much as an apology,

Cabbies double parked, limousines glaring in the hazy sun,

Waiting to pick up self-important snobs dressed in Armani,

Street signs, no turn on red, traffic signals,

Amber– speed up, red– stop…maybe, watch the cross walk,

Smog, noise, yelling, hustle, bustle, pushing, shoving,

Litter, smells, sweeping, scrubbing, dirt that never leaves,

Obnoxious, angry, rude, arrogant, impulsive, disrespectful,

Hurried, oblivious, blind to the surroundings,

Clutching at purse, coveting wallet, pickpocket, snatcher,

Trees, bushes, fragrant flower boxes, out-of-place,

Warm, generous, loving, lost in the clutter,

The cityscape, not so unlike the cacophony of my mind,

Thrusting good and evil, to and fro,

A kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells, touches,

Molding who I am, what I think and who I will become.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Heart Of New York

Car horns, sirens, shouts

Muffled by flimsy windows

Third floor apartment

Crowds rushing uptown downtown

Skyscrapers and tenements

Highlight the landscape

Architecture old and new

Music and culture

Time Square, Central Park, New York

The greatest city on earth


~~ Dominic DiFrancesco ~~