Sin and Goodness

Sin and goodness

Are separated by a razors edge.


This pair expounded

By the fallible minds of men.


One only need look internal

To see their own fallibilities.


A query is begged of you;

Are the sins of the single mother,

Who resorts to harlotry to feed her children,

Any greater a sin in the eyes of God

Than those of the wealthy who hoard their riches

While ignoring the plight of the poor and infirm?


True sin resides in greed and contempt,

Goading sin from otherwise good souls.


The mothers desperation urged by good intent,

While the wealthy was compelled

Out of selfishness and pomposity.


Lines between sin and goodness blur

Through the perceptions of man.


Objectivity escapes us in our passion;

Making us the poorest of judges.


Would not their fates be best left

To the sagacity of God?


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~