Beautiful Liar

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Beautiful liar

Using your looks to deceive

Deadly black widow


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Gave You My Soul

I gave you my soul

Naked and vulnerable

What was I thinking?

All I wanted was your love

And you crushed me to pieces.


Love is what’s sacred

Yet you treat it like folly

And who’s is the victim,

Me…the one you claim to love

The object of your hatred.


Maybe I’m the fool

Gullible, the stupid one

Believing in love

Like Shakespeare’s starstruck lovers

And I’m Romeo


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Sun is Setting

The sun is setting, bathing our fall in the last rays of day.

Still we sleep sound in the quiet of darkness,

Oblivious to what awaits

Even though it has been foretold by sages and fools.

This end will not come with the concussion of a bomb,

It will not be suffered by the bloodletting of a bullet

These would be less painful.

It will come to us by our own greed,

Our ignorance and inhumanity will trounce us,

Look at those that came before,

The great Roman Empire.

Where is it now?

Oh yes it exists in its crumbling ruins,

Disintegrating coins dredged from the bottom of the sea

And legendary despots littering history books.

The sun has set for them yet their kind still exists.

Look no further than America!

This land of so much promise has been duped,

Fooled by its aristocrats and their vast wealth.

They stoke the fires of hatred and prejudice to divide us

Until we become immune to the putrid bile they spew.

They trust that factless propaganda will be trusted,

That we won’t take the time to hold them accountable…

And they are right, we are sheep being lead to slaughter.

What will it take to wake us up from their fear?

We are arrogant and pathological in our policy,

Refusing to take blame for even the smallest thing.

Climate change is real say our climate scientists

Yet we deny it because we aren’t scientists.

ISIS did not sprout out of thin air,

We created it with our insatiable thirst for oil

And the deaths of those we were determined to depose.

Education, social security and Medicare are in danger

Due to their incessant need to privatize and profiteer.

Tell me, what did they do to make you trust blindly?

All they did was tell you whose fault it is,

What group to hate,

That social programs like socialism are evil,

That they will watch your back and protect you

While taking away your civil rights in subtle ways.

Their votes send your jobs away all the while you beg them to help you.

Really what did they give you to vote away your best interest?

Lower taxes, privatization of government services, more free trade and job loses,

The right to openly discriminate against your fellow Americans,

All under the guise of some imagined religious war.

I really don’t understand what has happened,

When we stopped being logical and informed,

When we started believing in the oligarch’s fairytales,

When we became cultists to the media.

All I know is that changes are coming

So be careful what you wish for.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

With Tears I Say Goodbye

With tears I say goodbye

Though I do not know your pain,

Nor the pain of your ancestors

Inflicted at the hands of those that look like me.

When I look in the mirror

I am not proud,

I am not proud of our past,

Not proud of of our inhumanity,

Not proud of the picture our hands are painting.

With a broad brush,

We paint in your blood,

Red and warm as mine

Though left to dry cold in the streets.

We stand around,

As if awaiting applause,

While your spirit fades,

Showing just how little we care.

I know this is not me,

Though I know you can’t see it;

And that these words are just words

Unable to bring you back from the dead.

Your family grieves,

But their grief is overshadowed,

Trampled down under the weight of constant diversions

Portraying you as something less than human.

Yet none of this matters!

Injustice cannot hide forever

Behind an iron blue citadel

Mortared with lies, racism and hatred.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHORS NOTE: I was not going to write another piece about the tragedy in Ferguson Missouri today, but I find Michael Browns’s death so troubling that I couldn’t help myself.  His death in my eyes shows that racism still runs rampant in this country though many of us would prefer not to admit it.  For those that would like to pretend this never happened, I think it is time you opened your eyes.  Explain to me how being stopped for jaywalking could escalate to the point where a young man is shot six times and killed, then left alone in the street for so long.  This is completely beyond my comprehension.


Sunlight stings my eyes

Previously sealed by pain

Digressions forfeit

This badge worn for mortal sin

I’m but the latest felon

What feeds man’s deceit

Is it character’s weakness

Or evil’s prodding

A mystery eternal

Just as it has always been


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Promises Break

Promises break like straw under foot,

Brittle, bending, crumbling under slightest weight,

No longer bound to man’s word.

Instead they are simply words of convenience,

Placating the concerned,

Enveloping those amongst the unconvinced.

Like sheep are these believers,

Led about by their staff laden necks,

Given sustenance just to hush their words.

No longer is honor a cornerstone,

A pillar of trust, as valued as a kings ransom,

Degraded, they are nothing but syllables, hollow and meaningless.

Yes, they may be voiced with a smile,

A handshake if the orator is so moved,

Yet sadly these have become standard props for their theatrics.

When did this happen,

When did the worth of a man become worthless,

When did men cower to pretense?

Maybe always, maybe of recent past, maybe today,

Knowing they are played like the strings of a mandolin,

But unable to reconcile their buffoonery.

One day the blinders may be lifted from impaired eyes,

Revealing the wolf cloaked in statesmen’s fashion,

Only then might shame resurrect us.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Speckled With The Blood Of Lies

Speckled with the blood of lies,

Blindly consumed by your feigned sincerity.

You said you loved me,

Sealing it with a tender kiss,

Only to pierce my lip with your fangs.

The trickle,

Wet and metallic,

Oxidizing on my tongue

Nauseates me to the core.




Descriptively you.

Pledging passion and fidelity

Then pillaging my love,

Disemboweling my trust,

Leaving a heartbroken corpse.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The light fails me,

I open my eyes,

Hoping to see more clearly,

But there is no focus.


Nothing is as is should be,

My head hurts in the painful quiet,

There is no comfort,

In this cold empty bed.


I drove me to this madness,

And you, away in disgust,

I didn’t try to stop you,

Stubbornly shunning you.


Your tears did not deter,

I swore you’d be back,

How could you live without me,

After all these years.


But emptiness speaks volumes,

Shouting your answer,

“I’m gone!”

On my once deaf ears.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Spider’s Web

I gave you everything,



All that you asked,

You played coy,

Feeding my appetite for love,

With promises and feigned passion,

Luring me into your web,

Wrapping me in a silky cocoon,

Warm and safe,

Nestled in you arms,

A deceitful security,

If only I had not been so blind,

I would have recognized your fangs,

Impaling me to numbness,

Helpless and oblivious,

Under your anesthetic poison,

I waited trembling,

For you to squander all that I am,

Weakened by the deluge,

Blood and spirit abate,

Eyes flutter and roll,

Your beauty,

First limpid, fades to black,

The nothingness that is your soul,


You discarded my hollowed husk,

Leaving me to crumble,

And scatter to the four winds.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~