Suspicion (Acrostic)

Scent of musk

Undulating in my nostrils,

Somehow I know it’s not mine.

Pretend that you have been faithful,

Infidelity is so unbecoming on you.

Cautious smiles flirt across your face.

I know that you know that I know the truth;

Only denial seems much less painful.

Now for the encore.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Broken is the Heart of Man

Broken is the heart of man

When love is buried in sand

Sand of adultery–quick

Sinking romance like a brick


Lost in passion mind is numb

Leaving wearer blind and dumb

Oldest fault–a mortal sin

Badge of shame in human skin


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


There–At The Wheel

There–at the wheel of the car that sat behind me,

It isn’t so much what I could here, but more of what I could see.


Hands were thrashing back and forth waving to and fro,

Your anger I could feel, I didn’t have to know.


Showing teeth, your lips were curled like a rabid dog,

You seemed to be unaware as if enveloped in fog.


No, I cannot read ones lips though I surely sensed your rage,

Your act was more attuned to an actor taking stage.


I can only imagine what you said, “I can’t believe you cheated”,

Words been said a million times and millions more repeated.


Awkward silence is my guess on the other end of the line,

She probably ignored “Working late” and other telltale signs.


Placing blame is not my point as love is based on trust,

One her partner clearly breached is my only thrust.


Though I could not hear her call I felt her silent pain,

My story of the jilted spouse driving the right-hand lane.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~


We Drink Because We’re Poets — Poetry Prompt #5 – The Ear


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I took some liberties with this prompt as I don’t often pay attention to others conversations, probably because my hearing is not all that great.  Instead I used an incident that I saw as I was driving back to my office from a job about 3 weeks ago.  There was a woman in the car behind me (driving), angrily waving her arms and clearly screaming into her cell phone.  I used my imagination to come up with the story behind her her obvious rage.

It Grows Dark in a Firestorm of Tumultuous Passion (Sonnet)

It grows dark in a firestorm of tumultuous passion

Thoughts of you under another’s caress

Fighting to keep you in any fashion

Its you, by any means I must possess


You promised eternal love before family and friends

I do, sealed with a kiss we were wed

Our vows for you clearly were a means to an end

By the folly you’ve made of our bed


Is not the sanctity of marriage to be held sacred

Clearly not by your monogamous charade

You’ve done nothing more than fertilize a hatred

Flaunting your sins as if on parade


With this to my senses I have finally arrived

At the realization–what I thought was love was really contrived


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Out of Fear

Worshiped out of fear,

Afraid of divine retribution.

One which allowed murderers,

One which allowed adulterers,

With an apology,

To be King.

You toyed with creation,

Becoming angry as a child

Throwing tantrums

When deprived of your will.

Does death and destruction,

To all but the chosen

Sound reasonable and sane?

With Lucifer as a playmate perhaps.

“Here take my servant,

Do what you will with him,

But do not touch.”

Inflicted with relentless torment,

Sores, anxiety, persecution,

Fear of death,

The game is permitted to continue,

All with your blessing,

To see if he can be broken.

Is this how mercy is shown,

Torturing those that love you?

Finding sport in war and death

Both are waged eternally,

Some with your blessing

Some without,

Either way, surely with a smile.

Sending those in your image to their end

As pawns for your amusement,

This seems to be your sadistic way.

As a final act of brutality,

You offered your son up to despots,

Torturing and degrading him until death,

All to uphold your way of life

And save the monsters which you created.

Would a kind and merciful parent do this to his child,

Instilling them with fear,

Instead of promoting goodness and love?

This question must be answered!

Faith alone does not absolve you of responsibility

For the adulterated state of our being.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Sunlight stings my eyes

Previously sealed by pain

Digressions forfeit

This badge worn for mortal sin

I’m but the latest felon

What feeds man’s deceit

Is it character’s weakness

Or evil’s prodding

A mystery eternal

Just as it has always been


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~