I Gave You My Soul

I gave you my soul

Naked and vulnerable

What was I thinking?

All I wanted was your love

And you crushed me to pieces.


Love is what’s sacred

Yet you treat it like folly

And who’s is the victim,

Me…the one you claim to love

The object of your hatred.


Maybe I’m the fool

Gullible, the stupid one

Believing in love

Like Shakespeare’s starstruck lovers

And I’m Romeo


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

With Irony I Look Back On July The Fourth

With irony I look back on July the fourth,

Commemorating separation from the British Crown.

Decrying aristocrats and their gorging worth

And the treatment of their subjects trampling down.


Open your eyes and look at us now,

Governed and judged by aristocrats galore.

Expected to beg, grovel and bow

Just as we did to King George before.


Over two hundred years we’ve learned nothing it’s clear

As again we submit to the court and its king.

Giving away what we should have held dear

For the promise of a golden ring.


This golden ring offered in hopes to divide

The right from the left I am sure

Confusing the masses with promises to provide

Answers to our problems through their cure.


But the cure is poisoned by their quest for greater wealth,

On the backs of those who can least afford.

Tricking them to believe by their dishonest stealth,

That there’s nothing but truth in their word.


Illusion and trickery is the game of the day,

Substance something long ago past.

Diverting ones blame is the partisan way,

Spewing venom as long as it lasts.


If truth does not sell then they coat it in lies,

Said long enough they’re bound to believe.

People are gullible say their political spies,

They’ll swallow whatever we conceive.


Free press is now gone in lieu of partisan hacks,

Towing their hate-filled party lines.

Convincing the audience that they’re watching their backs,

While raking in millions all the time.


With sadness I watch our republic disappear

Under the weight of corruption and greed.

Leaving the powerless amongst us I fear

To scratch and claw for all that they need.


Convinced they’re a burden and a waste of our time

Pretending that they don’t exist.

From their pit of despair alone they’re left to climb,

Should they fail it’s unlikely they’ll be missed.


America has lost the humanity it once had,

Trading it for profit and conceit.

Where helping one another was more than a fad,

It was a facet of what made us complete.


Deception is all part of the elites master plan

Pitting each man against his brother.

Feeding the masses as much fear as they can,

Blaming the cause on another.


Unless we take a stand, the ninety-nine percent,

Against the one percent we’ve allowed to rule us.

Expect nothing more than this we consent,

But to allow the bourgeois to fool us.


This my dear friends is my greatest fret,

With each and every fourth of July.

That under their thumbs, ever more we do get,

Until America shrivels up and dies.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Darkness Approaches

Darkness approaches

Yet we don’t see it coming.

We have been lied to,

Betrayed by our government.

Still…many among us cheer.

Maybe I’m confused

When those affected revel.

Blindly happy;

Ignoring their own demise

…One day soon the sky will fall.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Broken is the Heart of Man

Broken is the heart of man

When love is buried in sand

Sand of adultery–quick

Sinking romance like a brick


Lost in passion mind is numb

Leaving wearer blind and dumb

Oldest fault–a mortal sin

Badge of shame in human skin


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


There–At The Wheel

There–at the wheel of the car that sat behind me,

It isn’t so much what I could here, but more of what I could see.


Hands were thrashing back and forth waving to and fro,

Your anger I could feel, I didn’t have to know.


Showing teeth, your lips were curled like a rabid dog,

You seemed to be unaware as if enveloped in fog.


No, I cannot read ones lips though I surely sensed your rage,

Your act was more attuned to an actor taking stage.


I can only imagine what you said, “I can’t believe you cheated”,

Words been said a million times and millions more repeated.


Awkward silence is my guess on the other end of the line,

She probably ignored “Working late” and other telltale signs.


Placing blame is not my point as love is based on trust,

One her partner clearly breached is my only thrust.


Though I could not hear her call I felt her silent pain,

My story of the jilted spouse driving the right-hand lane.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~


We Drink Because We’re Poets — Poetry Prompt #5 – The Ear


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I took some liberties with this prompt as I don’t often pay attention to others conversations, probably because my hearing is not all that great.  Instead I used an incident that I saw as I was driving back to my office from a job about 3 weeks ago.  There was a woman in the car behind me (driving), angrily waving her arms and clearly screaming into her cell phone.  I used my imagination to come up with the story behind her her obvious rage.

Speckled With The Blood Of Lies

Speckled with the blood of lies,

Blindly consumed by your feigned sincerity.

You said you loved me,

Sealing it with a tender kiss,

Only to pierce my lip with your fangs.

The trickle,

Wet and metallic,

Oxidizing on my tongue

Nauseates me to the core.




Descriptively you.

Pledging passion and fidelity

Then pillaging my love,

Disemboweling my trust,

Leaving a heartbroken corpse.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The light fails me,

I open my eyes,

Hoping to see more clearly,

But there is no focus.


Nothing is as is should be,

My head hurts in the painful quiet,

There is no comfort,

In this cold empty bed.


I drove me to this madness,

And you, away in disgust,

I didn’t try to stop you,

Stubbornly shunning you.


Your tears did not deter,

I swore you’d be back,

How could you live without me,

After all these years.


But emptiness speaks volumes,

Shouting your answer,

“I’m gone!”

On my once deaf ears.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~