In Sorrows Midst With Tears I Prayed (Sonnet)

In sorrows midst with tears I prayed

That you would return to offer your love.

A stubborn man, I’m a fool they say

To believe that my needs would be held above..


With independent mind, this could never be

How arrogant I was to consider it true.

I wanted to believe what I could not see

Though you never misled, I misconstrued.


Not once was my intention to hold you back

From fulfilling your dreams or destiny.

It saddens me that I turned your heart to black

By denying you all that you hoped you would be.


Patience and love are what should have been given, but to this I was utterly blind.

These are the virtues that too late I’m living, in hopes that you’ll witness if so inclined.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Feel Different These Past Few Days

I feel different these past few days, wrapped in joy

Tolerance I found where before there was none.

At first I thought, perhaps this was a ploy,

That is until the other changes had begun.


Anxiety and jealousy seem much more subdued,

A struggle I’ve struggled with all of my years.

These issues I’d gnash on as if they were food,

Were simply alternatives to facing my fears.


Patiences I lost as I grew out of my youth,

Seem to be returning and rearing their heads.

All because I found what I believe is the truth,

Trepidations settle as my old skin is shed.


I think what I’ve found is the beginning of peace,

Not the kind that we show towards our fellow men.

No–the kind that’s achieved as our inner turmoils fleeced,

May I never return to that troubled place again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



By We Drink Because We’re Poets – Poetry Prompt #1

A Time to Listen

By D. R. DiFrancesco


What forms men’s opinions I do not know

Subtle things most likely I suppose

Surely it is not formed through confrontation

Argument only serves to harden in consternation

Guilty of anger as passion takes hold

Forcing ideals with a hammer so bold

Attempts to dissuade in this fashion oft fail

Portrayed as stolid, hearts and minds travail

Better left to the facts in a calm voice confirmed

Than to bully and batter into submitting discern

Higher virtue it is to listen then speak

Rather than dismiss out-of-hand without the appraisal they seek

To differ in perspective is what betters this world

Reforming what’s weak and hope no insults be hurled

Strive in debate to accept with a smile

That which at first painful may become amenable in a while

This struggle I face with contrary views

Serves to enlighten and enrich no matter which path I choose