In Sorrows Midst With Tears I Prayed (Sonnet)

In sorrows midst with tears I prayed

That you would return to offer your love.

A stubborn man, I’m a fool they say

To believe that my needs would be held above..


With independent mind, this could never be

How arrogant I was to consider it true.

I wanted to believe what I could not see

Though you never misled, I misconstrued.


Not once was my intention to hold you back

From fulfilling your dreams or destiny.

It saddens me that I turned your heart to black

By denying you all that you hoped you would be.


Patience and love are what should have been given, but to this I was utterly blind.

These are the virtues that too late I’m living, in hopes that you’ll witness if so inclined.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~




Painful at first blush,

Until you peel away the layers,

Exposing a vulnerable core,

Where some bit of truth lies,

The abrasion is only momentary,

Shallow and unremarkable,

Healing once embraced,

Allowing growth of mind and spirit,

Reinventing that which faltered,

Strengthening all that we are.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~