Greener Grass

This gravel road,

A path oft traveled,

Lane you strode,

As your life unraveled.


Yon horizon so far distant,

Where a better life must lay,

Hurry on forth right this instant,

For the sun will rise on a brighter day.


On yonder side the grass must surely be greener,

As the old time saying goes,

This too passes as ones life becomes leaner,

With far too little to show.


Much too often we chase exaggerated expectations,

When they seem right within our grasp,

‘Til euphoria fades to urgent consternation,

And your prospects they dwindle and lapse.


Life lessons learned are the hardest its true,

As the scars and bruises do prove,

Out of the rubble and ash will rise a new you,

In spirit and nature behoove.


We greet you back home as a most beloved son,

For you needed to find your own way,

This is only the beginning of the journey you’ve begun,

Welcome home for as long as you will stay.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~



Painful at first blush,

Until you peel away the layers,

Exposing a vulnerable core,

Where some bit of truth lies,

The abrasion is only momentary,

Shallow and unremarkable,

Healing once embraced,

Allowing growth of mind and spirit,

Reinventing that which faltered,

Strengthening all that we are.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~