Hawk Soars, Doing What It Was Born To Do

Hawk soars, doing what it was born to do.

What does he see, but his next meal…a path to procreation,

Nothing personal, it is a simple means of survival…

Prolongation of the species.

Is not man much the same, feeding on the weaker of the species?

In the end he is nothing more than an animal;

Carnivorous in more than his primal appetite,

Feasting on flesh and blood of the lesser to satisfy its needs…

Perpetuation of his own.

We claim to be of a higher ilk, greater than the common beast,

But we fool ourselves, we are nothing more than a bipedal wildebeest

Living up to Darwin’s own theory…

Survival of the fittest.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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