Calloused Heart (Sonnet)

Calloused heart, fear not my advances please,

Harm, no harm shalt ever I impart.

Wouldst I have journeyed o’er these seven seas,

Courting thee in earnest right from the start.


My solemn promise to thee I offer, lest I die,

Taking thy hand within mine.

A chance I do ask that you givest love a try,

Lest I return to the seas and her watery brine.


Thou hast been injured, I knowest this for sure,

Sympathies assuredly do I give.

Purest of love doth I prescribe as the cure,

I swearest for as long as I live.


Never shalt this heart ever part they fragile side, this I do promise to thee.

Affection do I pledge and swearth not to hide, devoted to thee for eternity.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



By D. R. DiFrancesco


Your tired eyes look skyward

Begging for comfort without so much as a word

I reach out to you

Cradling you in an embrace born of affection

Expecting nothing in return

Your head resting on my chest

Can you feel my heart beat to your touch

Like a metronome keeping rhythm with your own

Exchanging words without speaking

I can hear your sadness and sense your pain

What can I do to relieve your tortured soul

Provide for you

Offer understanding without judgement

Reassure your lingering doubts

Hold tightly to your trembling hands

I will wade with you through the melancholy tide

You will not be left alone to drown

I am here to keep you afloat when you cannot swim

Don’t be afraid my love

For I will never leave your side

My commitment is eternal