Whisper In My Ear

Whisper in my ear

My fears and doubts thou comfort

Tis all I long for


Trepidation doth consume

But thou art my loving cure


O’ these many years

Without words we have embraced

Through passionate glance


Giving solace when needed

Tis nothing I wouldst not do


Thou art my heaven

Thy savior in times of angst

Lover eternal


This covenant I maketh

To loveth thee for ever

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

6 thoughts on “Whisper In My Ear

      • I have found the right person, but there was a time long ago when I didn’t realize it, how foolish I was. Fortunately I found out before it was too late and had to live the remainder of my life regretting it.

      • I think that the important thing is that we find that right person eventually and then grab them and life by the horns and live it to the full. It took 42 years to find Ionia, but I have lived more in these last two than the 42 before. I believe that life truly only begins when you meet that person that makes you whole.

      • I certainly can’t argue with that. In my 25 years of marriage I can honestly say that I don’t regret a minute of it nor do I ever wish to return to a time before I met her. That is when you know you are made for each other. You and Ionia seem to be that way as well and I’m sure you two will enjoy a very happy life ever after together. 🙂

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