All of the friendships in the world do not change that.

Born alone,

Die alone,

No one else can do either for us,

This is as it’s always been.

Looking to God,

Looking to our family,

We look to others for comfort,

But there is nothing,

Only the comfort we find within.

We fool ourselves thinking otherwise.

Why do we look for solace in acquaintances,

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers;

They cannot travel our journey.

In passing they cannot hold our hands.

This does not mean they do not love us,

Only that they can do nothing,

But wish us well and pray that our journey

Is something greater than a trip to oblivion.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

15 thoughts on “Alone…

  1. A few days ago our country lost a committed trade unionist to cancer at age 52. She focused on the individuals in the trade unions she worked for, and found her fulfillment in helping them rather than herself. She was relaxed about dying,18 months after her diagnosis. I don’t know that I could ever be like her, but she showed that we can make something of our lives if that is what is important to us. There will be thousands attending her funeral, and watching on the big screens outside the church.

    • That is absolutely wonderful. I did not mean to imply that the love and admiration of those in our lives is unimportant, I was just trying to make the point that in our final hour, only we will know what the journey is like. I hope that you are doing well under the circumstances and than you for your thoughtful comment.

    • Anna, I’m sorry to hear of your friend/relatives passing. I certainly do not think anyone should die without their loved one around them if at all possible, its just that the journey is one that only the individual can take and no one on this side of the light can possibly know what it is like. Be strong…I hope you are doing okay under the circumstances.

  2. I remember being given the advice: “you are responsible for your own happiness” and it has always stuck with me. Regardless of how social a species we are, you’re right about being alone.

    • I think it is true. Although I have not yet reached end-of-life…at least I hope not, I can’t imagine that we are ultimately alone in this journey, there really isn’t any other way it can be. Thanks Dan.

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