He’s Scorching The Earth

He’s scorching the earth;

Smell of sulfur permeates

From Hell’s fiery pit.

Long buried deep underground

His minions have arisen;

Blindly following

Abaddon’s vile deception

Like mindless rabble,

Anarchists legitimized

By the greatest deceiver.


Now’s the time for the

Thundering of the Shofar!

Time to declare war

In our fight for decency…

This nation’s identity.


We must not succumb

To conspiracy theories,

To the Fallen’s lies.

He will not be your savior

But instead your worst nightmare.


There’s still time…repent!,

Wake up before it’s too late

From this horrid dream.

We deserve better than this

Better than this Satan’s lies.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

8 thoughts on “He’s Scorching The Earth

    • Actually, it is how I am viewing one of our Presidential candidates, namely Donald Trump right now. This is his campaign strategy now that he is on the ropes…a scorched earth strategy. He’s dangerous and looking to destroy anyone and anything that he views negatively. That is the reason that I used the name “Abaddon” meaning “Destroyer” in Hebrew as the name for him in his current state. Thank you for asking about my inspiration, I realized afterwards that it might not have been evident.

  1. I honestly saw Trump in every line. I knew he had to be the one you were talking about because I honestly feel the same way. This guy is scary and I wish more people could see it. I think he’d probably get impeached eventually if he did make it. I guarantee he would do something that bad. Great post.

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