America’s Hopes

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America’s hopes

Trumpled by a narcissist

We’re a laughing stock


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

22 thoughts on “America’s Hopes

    • I apologize my friend for such a late reply. I read your piece and I must say it is very, very well written. I have been absent and may be for a bit longer, from my blog as I am trying to come to terms with how I feel about everything that has occurred in this country over the past 18+ months. The election in the United States was between two very flawed candidates. Donald Trump ran on being the anti-establishment candidate while at the same time boldly saying that he was one that would “grease the palms” of politicians and expect something in return. He and his ilk are the ones that created and will continue to create the division in this country. There is likely to be nothing that he can do that will bring this country together as even member of his own party don’t typically like him or approve of his rhetoric. Then we have Hillary Clinton, who whether rightly or wrongly is plagued with huge negatives mainly caused by her own hands. For example, if you knew you were going to make a run for the highest office in the land, why would you choose to use an email server outside of that provided by the government to preform official business. A case could be made that her previous 2 predecessors did the very same thing, but they did not run for President of the United States. This single issue more than any other plagued her during her campaign more than any other. Then there are reports that she refused to listen to the advice of her master politician husband Bill Clinton when it came to campaign strategy, this was a huge mistake that in the end doomed her to one of the most inconceivable losses in political history. Ultimately, we have a new president and all that those of us who were opposed to both his campaign and his subsequent win is to fight him when we think he is wrong and support him when he is doing what is right. We need to respect the office, but we don’t have to submit like sheep to what comes out of it. Thank you my friend and wish you and your fellow citizens the best as you move forward with your exit from the European Union. I pray that is not as painful as I think that it will be.

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