So Beyond Belief

So beyond belief

Tell me, how far is too far

Man’s insanity

On display for all to see

Embarrassing our nation


His “locker room talk”

Objectifying women


Insincere apology

As if it’s boys being boys


Victims come forward

Only to be called liars

Publicly abused

Assaulting them once again

Treating them as pariahs


Love him or hate him

Bill’s not running for office

Stand and be a man

Your words are on the record

It’s time to stop deflecting


You lie to your “fans”

Who excuse your behavior

As you said, you “love

The poorly educated”

You are a disgrace


When it’s all over

Hopefully you’ll disappear

From the nation’s sight

Leading your “deplorables”

To the Hell you’ve created


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

15 thoughts on “So Beyond Belief

    • You are absolutely right Juan, he never takes responsibility for anything negative. It’s always the media or “Crooked Hillary” that are out to get him. Perhaps the media and Hillary are ventriloquists and by throwing their voices put all of those vile words in his mouth. What a trick.

    • You may very well be right. My guess is that if he loses by a narrow margin, then he will likely continue being a thorn in our side, but if he loses by a wide margin, hopefully he get the message and fade into the background. With him though, there really is no way to tell.

      • I don’t think he will fade into the background, I think he will just intensify the conspiracy theories and pump up his base. But at least he won’t be the most predominate news anymore!

      • You probably are right. Since he has damaged his “brand” so badly, I suppose he will have little else to do, but hang around speak nonsense to the his base who hangs on his every disgusting word.

    • Thank you Gilly. I suppose that those of you across the pond are just as amazed at this incredible circus we are putting on as we are. We are all seeing the worst that America has to offer and it is a disgrace. 🙂

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