So Beyond Belief

So beyond belief

Tell me, how far is too far

Man’s insanity

On display for all to see

Embarrassing our nation


His “locker room talk”

Objectifying women


Insincere apology

As if it’s boys being boys


Victims come forward

Only to be called liars

Publicly abused

Assaulting them once again

Treating them as pariahs


Love him or hate him

Bill’s not running for office

Stand and be a man

Your words are on the record

It’s time to stop deflecting


You lie to your “fans”

Who excuse your behavior

As you said, you “love

The poorly educated”

You are a disgrace


When it’s all over

Hopefully you’ll disappear

From the nation’s sight

Leading your “deplorables”

To the Hell you’ve created


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Voracity for Change

In the darkened halls etched with golden finery,

Do you admit the secrets they hold,

Shrouded in the shrouds of your jeweled cassocks?


For how many centuries has this debauchery been veiled?

How many unchaste Satans lay in your webbed catacombs,

Venerated by the ignorant and blind?


This is not an indictment of the faithful, the many tended sheep in your flock,

They are the innocent men and women…and child victims,

Venerated as martyrs before the universal mother.


Have you forgotten your roots, roots steeped in love and in service?

Not service to yourselves for its benefit, but service to the thirsty progeny

Who you’ve nourished with scandal and dust.


Knowingly, the devils amongst you receive shelter…You are evil as they!

You can not hide your sins from God Almighty, you immoral men!

Utter hypocrisy flows through your narrowed veins as sacramental wine.


Your restitution rings hollow…what of the innocence you’ve so ravaged?

Your treasures buy not your redemption– for the trustful can ne’er be whole again.

You vipers!…The solemnity of your vows lay thrashed by the Reaper.


Heads bowed on bended knee– tears for transformation fall with no retort.

They ask not for scriptural emendation, only boundness before the Lord.

In consumptive fashion, pomp preempts substance from this Cardinal clan.


What mold anewed will you lay before the disconsolate altar of the faithful?

Would it not be fair to portend that there will be nothing of substance to behold?

Only time will avow your voracity for change.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~