Anger–You Can See It On Their Grimaced Faces

Anger–you can see it on their grimaced faces;

Marching, hands raised in civil defiance.

Neither curfew nor militarization will quell them

In the face of injustice.

What passes for authority tries to divert,

Maybe he took the “sweets”, maybe he didn’t,

Maybe he smoked a little weed,

Maybe jaywalking is a capital crime in the south,

Maybe murder is ignored when hidden behind a badge.

So much for civil rights,

So much for equality under the law,

So much for compassion and common decency.

He was eighteen and unarmed,

Of this there is no dispute!

Perhaps he wasn’t an angel…are any of us?

I have bent the law,

Maybe even broken it a time or two,

But I’m still here, breathing, smiling, growing older.

We can deny–

That racism exists,

We can deny–

That blacks are treated differently than whites,

We can deny–

That skin color matters,

But denial doesn’t make it so!

Changing laws do not change hearts,

And time does not necessarily heal…

These are irrefutable facts.

Behind closed doors we disrobe,

Taking off our suit of political correctness,

To reveal naked hate.

We spew the epithets of our fathers,

Who broke the backs of an unwilling immigrant.

It’s as though times have never changed…

And perhaps they haven’t.

The manacles once of iron are now invisible,

The whips of braided leather no longer leave scars,

But the pain, fear and displacement still exists

…In this twenty-first century.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Humbled By A Stranger

Talk of family

Words did not come easily

But I understood

Though our languages differ

We spoke as if long lost friends

You Colombian

Plagued by crime and poverty

Low pay your reward

Yet still you love your country

Love it with all of your heart

Me American

My badge of entitlement

Worn outward with shame

Embarrassed by my complaints

You my friend have humbled me


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Frailty of Man

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Another day,

Awoken by the news,

Another tragedy,

More death and destruction.

Insensitivity on one side,

Intolerance on the other,

Differing views,

All of the same event.

Flags burned,

Flags torn to shreds,

Blamed on a celluloid debacle,

This is just a ruse.

Eleven September mere coincidence,

I think not,

Another excuse for bad behavior,

Another claim of insult to God.

We are different,

Although we are the same,

We are born, we love,

We live, we die.

We hurt, we bleed,

We suffer, we cry,

We strive for answers in this chaotic world,

Only to realize the more we know the less we know.

There is evil among us,

Tainting the good with the same broad brush,

Distilling us down to one common meld,

Can we not see past the hate!

Self-perpetuating and self-destructive,

A merry-go-round since time began,

Punch my ticket,

I want to get off.