Reason to Kill

Raging wild files,

Severe drought kills the heartland,

Hotter summers thrive,

Our polar caps are melting,

Wild swings in our weather.


Science has spoken

Yet many refuse to hear…

Climate change is real!

Because it affects profits

They bury their heads in sand.


“I’m no scientist”,

Is the rock they crawl under

When it does suit them.

Refusing to admit greed

Is their real reason to kill.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

No Time

No time do I have for sadness,

No time for fear,

No time for what was,

No time for what should have been,

No time for what could have been,

Its all I can do to handle today,

To prepare for tomorrow,

To do better,

Be better than I was yesterday.

Anything else diminishes me.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Tragedy of Steubenville

Do not take pleasure

In the loss of two young souls.

Families tattered,

The victim forever changed,

Innocence left smoldering,

Trust left in ruins.

Is there no morality?

What happened to right and wrong?

A hollowed culture.

There are no winners this day,

Only losers can remain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco

Hostile Nature


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The exploit of nature

Indiscriminate as if it has no consequence

Acting as master as if it were all under control

When all is well, you belittle the tree huggers

Crucifying compassion and caution as a gauntlet to progress and profit

Until progress yields to disaster

Igniting the public relations machine

Blame is never placed with self but on others

Minimizing damage to the image is paramount

The environment expendable

Poisoned water, tarballs, dead zones

Headlines today soon to be forgotten by the gluttonous masses

Creatures of habit bribed by unscrupulous liars

Clearly the cleanliness of air and water are of only temporary concern

Instant gratification is worth sacrificing the progeny

These behemoths think nothing of the living world

It is here to be conquered at any cost

To be stripped bare of the resources it has so long protected

Coal, oil, gas

Eighteenth century fossils lobbied to buy the people’s government

Elected officeholders answerable to none

These scoundrels throw our prospects to the wolves

Tearing at the plunder as if a rabid pack

The citizenry kept appeased by hollow promises lays in coma

Promised to reap the rewards of the spoils

But at what loss must the gain aspire

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~