Reason to Kill

Raging wild files,

Severe drought kills the heartland,

Hotter summers thrive,

Our polar caps are melting,

Wild swings in our weather.


Science has spoken

Yet many refuse to hear…

Climate change is real!

Because it affects profits

They bury their heads in sand.


“I’m no scientist”,

Is the rock they crawl under

When it does suit them.

Refusing to admit greed

Is their real reason to kill.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~





Defy cold

Fickle winter

Sensing springs approach

Something man never could

Having lost touch with nature

Too absorbed with things of this world

He is merely along for the ride

Technology and ignorance stunt him

Now he must live as a passenger

Trusting meteorology

A most imperfect science

To decipher nature

While birds and buds thrive

In harmony

with instincts

That man



~~ Dominic DiFrancesco ~~


Desert Drawn Skyward (Tanka)

Phoenix Arizona Haboob July 5, 2014

Phoenix Arizona Haboob July 5, 2014

Desert drawn skyward

Where the earth meets with heaven

A blanket of brown

Swallowing all in its path

Like a final curtain call


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


 *Welcome to the 2014 monsoon season here in the desert southwest.  Maybe we will get a little bit of rain here tonight…if we’re lucky.

Great Barnegat Bay

Great Barnegat Bay,

No match for the chill of mighty winter.

Even scarved in saline she cannot withstand its grip

Nor shelter her residents from its icy hand.

Fractured ice flows appear as mirrored plain;

Sea birds scavenge

Spying the cracks and holes for sustenance,

Receiving only a baptism of frigid water in return

Life goes on unfettered beneath her rugged exterior.

Cattails line her shores

Hunched under the weight of snow and ice,

Browned and solid as if petrified.

Nor’easter after nor’easter has taken its toll

Leaving a barren tundra in their wake.

This too shall renew in thaw,

Icy plates melding back into the bay,

Birds once again feasting in their land of plenty,

Cattails finding the strength to stand straight in the warming winds.

Nay this will not be the last,

Her life blood destined to repeat this dance in natures echo,

Yet she perseveres despite all she endures.

This has gone on for time immemorial,

Making her hard–

Strong as steel, unwavering in her resolve.

Still under a summer sun she softens,

Gentle in her warm embrace,

Diamonds reflecting off her fluid gown,

She is a lady,

Loved and cherished by all who know her.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~