Mornings Ritual

Sumatran wafts through silent home

Gently caressing the olfactory.

Warm rays of gold wash across rested faces,

Coaxing them to greet the day.

Is this the making of perfection,

What Heaven on earth must be like?


Morning stings the unaccustomed eyes;

Only temporary as adrenaline trickles

Leading us back to life.

So miraculous, so mundane,

Routine in its simplicity, this art of waking,

Rising from slumber.


Taking in the new day

Like breath Into lungs, body, soul,

Thankful for all that I have,

All that I will give.

With cup…steaming…

I am ready to meet the day.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The sun sets as the moon does rise,

Orange and red sherbet skies.

The man on the moon from slumber awakes,

To bid goodnight no trouble he makes.


Fox and hound and little child,

End of day for meek and mild.

Dreams of tomorrow another day,

To hunt and lop and innocents play.


The Infant feeds at mother’s warm breast,

Before for the night she lay her down to rest.

Pray and hope she sleeps through night,

And not awake ‘til first morning’s light.


Too much to ask though it may be,

Mother and Father and angel three.

Dream of slumber full night refresh,

A full eight hours, “My God we’d be blessed”!


Then Fido he barks must be time to go out,

Jarred from our sleep we scream and we shout.

Climb out of bed quiet as a mouse,

Tiptoeing gently across the floor of the house.


Open the door and out Fido goes,

Angel stirs, then whimpers then bellows.

“Now look what you’ve done!” at Fido we yell,

How long she’ll be up only the clocks time will tell.


Then off to her room, the mobile turned on,

With a “shhhh” and a pat back to sleep she has gone.

Nary a sound back to bed we did slink,

Blanket pulled tight, we dared not to blink.


As our heads hit the pillow our hearts they did slow,

We’ll give this thing sleep another college go.

No other sounds nor stirs or cries,

Another few hours of gratefully closed eyes.


That Man-On-The-Moon must have been up to no good,

Our night he disturbed way more than he should.

As sunlight streamed in to welcome the new day,

Tonight’s another night, what more need I say.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~