Chill of Night

Chill of night unfolds

Like that of a thread-bare sheet

Holding little warmth

Providing meager comfort

Allowing the mind to roam

Wherever it wills in dead of night

No barriers does it hold

Despite desire

Left to shiver in the cold

Until numbness takes control


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Mornings Ritual

Sumatran wafts through silent home

Gently caressing the olfactory.

Warm rays of gold wash across rested faces,

Coaxing them to greet the day.

Is this the making of perfection,

What Heaven on earth must be like?


Morning stings the unaccustomed eyes;

Only temporary as adrenaline trickles

Leading us back to life.

So miraculous, so mundane,

Routine in its simplicity, this art of waking,

Rising from slumber.


Taking in the new day

Like breath Into lungs, body, soul,

Thankful for all that I have,

All that I will give.

With cup…steaming…

I am ready to meet the day.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Insomniac

By D. R. DiFrancesco


I lie,

Head cradled in a pillow of down,

Soft and warm still I can not sleep.


Thoughts race through my wild mind,

Exhausting me as I seek out slumber,

Knowing that it eludes me again.


This inescapable race,

Taunts me, dangling a carrot in front of my unwilling mind,

Exploiting the weakness in me.


To what end,

As dawn breaks ending another night of torment,

I am mentally weary as I slip from between the silken sheets.


Awake in the physical only,

I lumber through the day a mere shell of who I am,

Begging for respite from myself.


Seeking sanctuary in melatonin and sleeping pills,

Face down in a self-induced coma,

I struggle to release my mind from this torture.


Relief is only temporary,

A solitary night of dreamless repose,

Refreshing just shy of expiration.


Insomnia, my uninvited friend,

My companion through hours of darkness,

Like a relative come to visit and never leaves.


Eviction seems so distant,

As opportunity for lethargy escapes,

Overwhelming me with inexorable nights of tumult.