Restless (Acrostic)

Reading, writing

Everything and anything to sleep

Standing on my head…no I can’t do that

Tick-tock goes the clock

Listening to the voice in my head

Eager for it to be silent

Staring into the darkness

Secure that it will be another sleepless night


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Heart Thrashing…Sleepless (Sonnet)

A heart thrashing to the sound of the owls who,

Plagued with anxiety and exhaustion–the covers drawn.

Clutching and clawing at me every once in a blue,

I lie awake lock-jawed by this infernal yawning.


Sleep–sweet sleep evades this troubadours brain,

Locked in battle with evasive slumber.

Constant swordplay wearies and drains;

Praying for conscious fade to black and umber.


Tortured sleepless by jailers masochistic,

For hour upon hour seemingly without end.

Hopes of escape deemed deeply unrealistic,

No longer this life do I care to defend.


What is one to do about this self-imposed draw-and-quartering,

But take broadsword in hand for the sandmans slaughtering.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompt: Sleepless

Jeremy Farmer – The Boi Poet – Tuesday’s Thinking 10 December Writing Prompt

Insomniac (Sonnet)

Sleep evades I toss and turn

Begging for good nights rest

This is all for which I yearn

Searching for slumber in jest

Plague as a Vampire to obambulate

Passing hour after hour on end

Striving on my sanity confiscate

Of this my foe will not bend

Try as I might absolute I am sure

My struggle most nights will go on

An insomniacs fate for eternity endure

Lasting until I am gone

Maybe its time for Ambien’s magic

To sleep before body and mind go tragic


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Word: Obambulate

Jem Farmer – The Boi Poet – Words at the Weekend – 21-22 September 2013 Poetry Prompt

The Insomniac

By D. R. DiFrancesco


I lie,

Head cradled in a pillow of down,

Soft and warm still I can not sleep.


Thoughts race through my wild mind,

Exhausting me as I seek out slumber,

Knowing that it eludes me again.


This inescapable race,

Taunts me, dangling a carrot in front of my unwilling mind,

Exploiting the weakness in me.


To what end,

As dawn breaks ending another night of torment,

I am mentally weary as I slip from between the silken sheets.


Awake in the physical only,

I lumber through the day a mere shell of who I am,

Begging for respite from myself.


Seeking sanctuary in melatonin and sleeping pills,

Face down in a self-induced coma,

I struggle to release my mind from this torture.


Relief is only temporary,

A solitary night of dreamless repose,

Refreshing just shy of expiration.


Insomnia, my uninvited friend,

My companion through hours of darkness,

Like a relative come to visit and never leaves.


Eviction seems so distant,

As opportunity for lethargy escapes,

Overwhelming me with inexorable nights of tumult.