Intemperate Mood

Intemperate mood greets the day,

An avalanche of negativity,

Red carpet for angry outbursts.

Circumstances–weakness of the mind

Blossoms into crimson rage;

Control unattainable.

Justifying actions, so mortal

Refusing to admit humanness, so flawed.

This cannot go on,

This must not go on for sanity’s sake.

Composure must be restored,

Blood pressure, headaches put in check

Anger tamped down.

Knowing this does not diminish the effects

Detrimental and painful.

Deep breaths, soothing mantras serve to calm

Restoring semblance of normalcy.

Considering what could have been done better,

Injecting positivity into aura

Brightening an otherwise dismal day.

Finding balance within

Returns the soul to peace

From the precipice of spiritual disaster.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Shattered Glass

Shattered glass sparkles as crystal under foot.

In anger, words were elusive,

You replied with an object of convenience.

O’ the lovely bouquet;

Homeless, evicted from it’s vase residence,

A chaotic arrangement on the hardwood.

Love morphed to hate,

Expressed in oh so funny ways.

Drenched in floral water

Fragrant as your estrogen tears,

Laying prone to avoid concussion.

What brought us here?

Pictures…smile infused speak of happier times,

Posing cheek-to-cheek, hand-in-hand,

No angry words, no words at all,

Communication via telepathy.

Speaking became a flint

Sparking…fueling fire, blue, white hot.

Singeing flesh and heart,

Blistering physically and emotionally

Until silence became a friend.

There is no reconciliation

No bandage or splint to fix what’s broken.

Like the vase, Irreparably shattered,

Love is left in a million pieces.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~