Cherished One

By D. R. DiFrancesco


A lavender haze abounds

The scent of lilac and persimmon permeates the air

What heavenly gifts to the senses

You, my love are such a treasure to behold

Bathed in these precious gifts from God

Your ivory skin soft to the touch

Perfumed in natures bounty stimulates my soul

Surely this must be Utopia

For to know you, you must be loved

In you is found serenity

A beauty deeper than the deepest of oceans

What further testimony need be professed

Than that of one enlightened by your being

It is not the physical alone

No, for that would be ensconced in the superficial

This may suffice were it not for your genuine modesty

Mere words can not portray the essence of you

As it is hidden behind a gentle facade

To ask for more would be an act of gluttony

An offence to the glory of nature

A sin against the wisdom of the Creator

You are perfection in my tired eyes

Beloved for all time

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