Icy Froth

Icy froth crashes over unshod feet,

Numbing and cramping as they slowly sink into sea-washed sand,

Pant legs soaked with limitless brine.

The gale whips up waves dressed in white one after another,

Chilling me to the bone with cold excitement,

Breath and spirit become one with the undulation.

Sting of salt spray does not deter as I spy the fractured horizon,

Dreaming of serving on the distant freighter

Rising and falling with the swells on it’s way to exotic ports.

What better life is there than to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your brethren

Under sun and on sea,

Conjoined with the natural forces overhead and underfoot.

Were it not for you my love– this destiny I would have fulfilled,

But alas…it was not to be,

For I love you more than the sand, the sun and the sea.

So here I stand,

Looking out on what might have been,

Joyful for what is

And content with what will be.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Fisherman’s Welcome

Feather floating noiseless to the sand far below,

To rest on dunes erupting in granulated waves.


Their spartan populous withdrawn by storm and tide,

Only to reappear like immigrants in distant lands.


Screeching cries of gulls flock shatter silence,

Angels tipped in black searching for the days next meal.


Insatiable appetite wills winged soldiers onward,

Scavenging for fish or for crab or for worm.


Fisherman’s friends are the dunes and the gulls,

A beacon to the nearness of home.


The boat is a shepherd towing gulls in it’s wake,

Swooping low to put eyes on the catch.


Port is in sight, but this does not deter,

Showing neither fear of man or of sea.


A nod of the head and a knowing smile shared,

Eases pain from their back breaking chores.


Loved ones await braving inclement weather,

To welcome the unsung with open arms.


The next home-bound crews will be greeted in like,

With the dunes and the gulls as their mates.


This is how it must be and how it always has been,

For granted these men do not take.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~