The Spark Extinguished

The spark extinguished,

There is no kindling to reignite the flame.

Light as air, the ash is blown to the four winds

Until nary a trace can be found.

What proof is there that it ever really existed

That it belonged to this dimension.

Attempts to congeal fail

As the miniscule journey ever farther afield.

Their mark on this world, nil in the eyes of many,

Insignificant and unimportant,

This would be wrongly assumed.

We would not know this place without them,

So intertwined is all matter

That without the most minute speck

Life would be forever altered from this reality.

There is nothing insignificant or unimportant,

From the lowly ash and graceful dragonfly

To the mighty elephant and the whole of mankind,

Everything visible and invisible is the perfect creation…

Under Heaven.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Though Earthbound

Though earthbound, I am lost amongst the sky blue,

Intricately woven into this tapestry that is nature.


Miniscule in comparison to the whole I am no less vital.


Without being, this picturesque world would be unrecognizable.


What I see as familiar would cease to exist without that

blade of grass, that oak tree, the bird singing in the eaves,

the lake where I skipped stones, the house that I grew up in,

my kindergarten teacher, the teachers that tolerated me,

the bus driver, the postman delivering the mail,

the plowman keeping our streets clear in winter.


Without any of these what would this life look like;

Much different I propose.


Without you or I what path would our parents lives have taken;

Surely a far cry from the one our history tells.


Lest we question our significance in this place and time

we should not!


We are each a thread in this fabric,

Significant and wonderful and cardinal by our simple existence.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Question of Significance

You see me on the street, but you do not see me.

I am, but a speck of dust caught in the beam of a streetlight.

Insignificant in this grand and glorious scheme,

But not so insignificant to those who cherish me…as I cherish them.

Mother as I to my wife…wife as I to my daughter,

Father as I to my son…all cherish me, as I them.

Miniscule in this tidal pool of humanity as I may be

This robe I wear befits all that breathe this air,

Fed from the heartlands fertile soil,

Pleasure in grain-fed fowl or grass-fed cattle.

In you dear friends, I see a reflection of me in your life-worn faces;

Neither success nor poverty can separate us in our final hours.

You as I shall become equal to the grasses blade,

The acorn and maple leaf, meal worm and maggot

Shall all become our equals as we return to the earth whence we came.

There is no escape from this inescapable truth.

Though you persevere to nullify my worth, you can not;

For my worth lies not in your perceptions,

But in those of they who loved me.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~