Offbeat Beauty

Manitou Springs, CO from above

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Rugged peaks staring like watchmen,

Looking for any hint of normalcy,

A little quirky,


Rastafarian, Hippie,

A little different,

Definitely leaning to the left.

Facades of stone, turquoise, melon and sunflower,

Offbeat and off the beaten track,

Caribbean blue bathtub a resident of the sidewalk,

Strange and wonderful.

Impromptu concert in the park,

Just a girl and a guitar,

Playing for loose change or applause.

Cobblestone sidewalks,

Catering to backpack laden travelers,

Dogs of all persuasions for companions,

Destination unknown.

Music store…instruments handmade,

Pottery store…pottery handmade,

Ice cream store…ice cream homemade,

Candles, jewelry, various sundries,

What ever will we do without a Walmart.

Mineral springs,

Bubbly and metallic,

Ancient cure for what ails you,

Free for the taking if you can stand it.

Another way of life,

Laid back but not lazy,

Preppies and beatniks equally at home,

In this timeless town that time forgot.

Awestruck by the four walls,

Snow covered peaks,

With Pike as their master,

Manitou Springs will not be forgotten.

Downtown Manitou Springs Colorado