An Incoherent Mind

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Being pulled from side-to-side,

My mind,

A menagerie of disjointed thought.

Attempts at composure,

An act of self-deprecation,

Leading me further into disarray.

What do I do?

Emotions have no focus,

Every path a winding dead end.

Holding me back,

Racked between chaos and cognition,

Drowning in confusion.

I urge myself to take a breath,

Empty my tortured mind,

If only for a night.

Hoping for thoughts to regain composure,

I know this too shall pass,

It always does.

In the meantime,

Wallowing in this mire, that is my mind,

I will wait.

3 thoughts on “An Incoherent Mind

  1. You express a condition so well known – I’m sure we could all say we have ‘been there, done that’! I like how you are able to say that this too shall pass – a wise approach we would all do well to adopt!

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