4 thoughts on “I Think – A Tanka

  1. Dom,

    I have been interested to see the development of your work since I first read some of it a while back.

    Right now, you seem to be exploring forms. I am curious to know what is inspiring you to do so, and why you choose the forms you do for the ideas you are trying to express.

    Also, do you have this book? I think it’s pretty good:

    I have another book on forms, too, whose title I could also find for you, if you’d be interested in looking it up, too.

    I like the idea you’ve put forth in this poem.

    • Hi Elaine – Thank you for your interest in my writing, I appreciate it greatly. Yes, I have been exploring forms more than I usually do, primarily out of the desire to try something outside of my comfort zone. In my quest to grow as a poet and a writer in general, I believe that I must do this, although I have by no means mastered any of these forms.

      I don’t know if it is normal or not, but in most of these cases, I picked a form and then molded my desired topic to it. That process is fun for me. I still love writing in the tanka and free verse forms, but I am trying to mix in some others to see how they work. For whatever reason, I still feel somewhat intimidated by the various forms of sonnets, but will be giving them a go very soon.

      The book you mentioned I do not own, but based on its description I am going to purchase it. Thank you for introducing it to me. If you have the other title that you mention, I would be interested in finding out about that one also.

      Have a great day.


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