Explosions foretell impending doom.

Shrapnel tears, litter, debris,

Screams of those one cannot see.

Missiles launched behind human shields,

Zionists and zealots refuse to yield.

Suffering little as the innocent die,

Denying they’re complicit, a terrible lie.

Which side is right, which side is wrong,

Difficult to tell they’ve hated so long.

Whether Gaza, Israel, Russia, Ukraine,

War is still war just with different names.

Fighting for ethnicity, Allah or God,

They’re “holier than thou” is just a facade.

Violence and death under whatever name,

Can’t be justified no matter what the claim.

Which leads me to wonder whether peace is desired,

With every bomb dropped and each rocket fired.

These wars have carried on for eons ‘til today,

I wonder if they really know any other way.

While their innocent suffer and hatred is bred,

I doubt they will stop until all sides are dead.
~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

12 thoughts on “Boom

  1. War is war by any other name — I’m sorry to say that in ten thousand years we’ve yet to evolve beyond war … and now we cand do it so efficiently — so sad.

    • If we put as much effort into peace as we do into refining our weapons of war and the efficiency of our ability to kill we would all be so much better off, but as you say in 10,000 years we haven’t done it so I don’t put much faith in us being able to evolve beyond war in the next 10,000 years…if we make it that long.

      • Yes, I agree on all the line … I really believe that it’s a question of evolution — we’ve got the potential of going beyond the animal kingdom … in Italian we say, where there is life, there is hope. I hope we, as a species may finally one day reach enlightenment and see how much better it would be to go beyond our hatred born in fear. That’s all one can do I guess.

      • You are correct Georgia, that is all one can do and I for one will try to keep the faith. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, I truly appreciate it.

  2. Such tragic news these days with violence going on around the world. You’ve written a powerful poem in response, and you hit the nail on the head with your line “Violence and death under whatever name.” I’d add that the killing of civilians who have nothing to do with the conflict is murder.

    • Thank you August and I certainly won’t disagree with you. Civilians are being murdered on all sides and no one is likely to be held accountable for it. Such a sad state of affairs.

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