Sedentarianism O’ Vile Beast

Sedentarianism O’ vile beast

Claiming many for gluttonous feast

Aches and pains we blame on age

Are nothing more than inactivities stage

Still we deny this is of our doing

Instead we choose to settle stewing

Looking to man and brew of witches

Falling for promises of curing pitches

With blinders on we grow ever fatter

Thinking the pills will solve what matters

When simply moving would do a world of good

Just as we always knew we should

Until it’s too late the damage is done

The beast–Sedentary, his battle won

Leads to the inevitable early grave

When so easily our death we could have stave

Were it not for this lazy and slippery foe

Run–or walk while you can its time to go


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompt: Rest breeds rust – German Proverb – It’s Friday Prompt by Jeremy Farmer  at  Jeremy’s Daily Challenge

17 thoughts on “Sedentarianism O’ Vile Beast

  1. Ohhh, you’re preachin’ to me, Dom! My walking program begins tomorrow, March 1st–I’m SO NOT looking forward to it, though I know I’ll feel tons better once I get a couple weeks under my belt (what belt? it’s all blubber bound by elastic). So, I’m taking your post as a helpful reminder from God of “our deal”–thanks!

    • Oh I have failed so many times this was not meant as an indictment, but just a view on the state of modern societies. This is as much about me as anyone that is for sure. 🙂

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