50 Word Story: Conquering America

Gentle spirals of smoke rose from earthen huts, children played and women performed their chores while their men hunted for game.  Such a peaceful site in the face of impending carnage.  

The army gathered on the distant rise preparing to launch its attack to conquer the land these people worshiped.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Blue Skies

The Land Before Time by Michael Kittell

The Land Before Time by Michael Kittell – Jeremy’s Daily Challenge – Weekend Medley 4 January Writing Prompt

Blue skies,

Clouds of ivory,

Rain, fresh as a mountain spring,

Grass of emerald green

Under rainbows crown.

This land before time,

This land before man used it for his own gain;

Not for his survival, but for his profit.

What ever happened to taking only what you need,

Just what you require to live,

Not what you desired in greed.

Those that loved this land before time–

We called them savages;

Unworthy of sharing in its bounty.

They didn’t know any better,

They didn’t see the riches that lay before them.

Blind and ignorant in our eyes, they did not deserve it,

We slaughtered them taking what was never rightfully ours.

Our claims legally binding,

They had no paper, no contract, no right,

Trespassers, every one of them to the last,

We drove them to the verge of extinction

Like the buffalo and the wolf,

But who cares,

There will be another to take their place…or not,

It does not matter.

This land before time–

Abused, polluted, strip-mined, clear-cut, overbuilt,

Unappreciated, disrespected,

But isn’t that our way,

Take until there is nothing left to take

And leaving nothing but destruction in our wake.

A sad farewell to…

The land before time.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompted By Jeremy’s Daily Challenge – Weekend Medley 4 January