Dreams of Riches

Dreams of riches,

Leached from the ground

By muscle, pick axe and shovel.

Panned from our rivers

Even dust brought great joy.

Craning skyward

The Superstitions loom large

Legend says there is treasure

Long lost to time and greed,

Hidden where it can never be found.

Miners still prospect for their slice of the pie;

Looking for that vein to bleed gold in these rocky crags.

Others chase the lore;

Seeking after the Lost Dutchman’s riches.

Not for the faint of heart,

Either destiny or curse has claimed many a soul.

Still this does not deter.

Maybe Waltz did dance around the truth,

Perhaps the joke’s on those that believe a fortune exists in this granite hell,

We may never know.

Maybe hope is enough to keep us alive,

Hope that our pot of gold survives

Beneath the armor of these…

Superstition Mountains.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Authors Note: This piece is about the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in the Superstition Mountains located near Apache Junction,  Arizona just outside of Phoenix.  The legend carries on to this day with people continuing search this treacherous mountain seeking the goldmine that Jacob Waltz claims to have discovered and kept secret unto his death in 1891.  More can be read about it here.