Men Of Old

Stories told by men of old,

Of secrets held in waters deep.

Giant squid that swallow ships,

And Moby Dick his raith did reap.


What visions lie in minds of men,

Of evil born in godless Hell.

To take their lives to Neptune’s grave,

From mast and plank to death they fell.


Darkness tricks doth surely play,

As do voyages far from home.

Not much does it take for insanity to set,

Cause to pray for a watery tomb.


A seaman’s life is a life of great pride,

Tough are the souls that partake.

Many a man has gone down with his ship,

Never once was it thought a mistake.


Honor and duty were the marks of these men,

Hearty and rugged and strong.

Not so very smart in the schoolmaster’s ways,

Baked by the sun to a swarthy bunch they belong.


Though the days of mast and sail have long gone,

No less are the dangers at sea.

What horrors await in its watery depths,

Forever shrouded in mystery.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~