Inner Peace

By D. R. DiFrancesco


The dust settles like a blanket on the troubles of the day

As evening sets, stress and worry dissolve into nothingness

Prodding a smile to softens the creases in my face


With eyes closed I can see a new me, reborn in spirit

Negativity gives way to bliss as I fill myself with abundant joy

Are not love and happiness the keys to a full life


What love can be given from a saddened heart

It would be insincere or at the least passive

Not what one needing to be cherished deserves


Sharing happiness is inconceivable out of misery

While living in distress, jubilance lies repressed corrupting the essence

This most surely is undeniable


As heart and mind refocus on what’s good in this world

I find myself in soulful contemplation of who I am

Questioning who I’m supposed to be


Through enlightenment I have come to love myself

Not selfishly, but sufficiently to project onto others

Filling me with joy and a sense of inner peace making me a better man

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