Life on the Off-ramp

Hot summer days,

A/C blasting cold and refreshing,

Music blaring from the car radio,

Cardboard signs,

“Will work for food”,

Litter the freeway off-ramps,

Held by vagrants and transients,

Dirty and broken,

Looking for food,

Looking for a better life,

Hoping to survive another day,

You pass by averting your eyes,

Pretending…no wishing they were not there,

Not because of sadness for their condition,

But out of deep seated embarrassment,

Red faced by lack of action,

Of compassion,

Of sympathy,

Seeing them as less than human,

A drain on society,

Would some spare change put you out,

Not likely,

But then you would have to face reality.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

2 thoughts on “Life on the Off-ramp

    • Thank and yours as well. This time of the year in Arizona we see many of these people on our off-ramps. They generally don’t come up to you unless you ask them too, but the do sit with all their belongings (as you say in your poem) holding cardboard signs saying one thing or another. I always give a dollar or two the the really creative ones. Last year one of the signs read, “I won’t lie to you, need money for beer”. Hey at least he was honest. 🙂

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