A Decade Of War

A decade of war

Life draining on this nation

When will it all end

Our citizens sacrificed

Precious resources squandered

To what victory

How do we define success

Against painful loss

Our wars produce no winners

Without a clear enemy

All gains will revert

When finally we depart

Chaos ensuing

As is always the result

In the absence of brute force

When ideals are forced

Democracy imposed

Only breeds contempt

When masses are unprepared

For freedoms sacrifices


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


9 thoughts on “A Decade Of War

  1. I totally believe that for every terrorist (or “suspected terrorist”) that we “take out”, we inadvertently create three in his/ her place. But, what do I know.

    Great poem.

  2. the same mistake repeated through history…you cannot defeat ideology… as for democracy… there is not a country that qualifies as a democracy… see your dictionary definition…but the first qualifier of democracy is absence of class and inherited wealth… no what we are fighting for is control of wealth… and to implement capitalism and exploit another peoples…

    • I do realize T.J. that there isn’t a country on the planet that qualifies as truly democratic, but we still use the term democratic loosely today which is why I used the term. In either case you are correct that much of what we fight for simply disguises our nations desire to increase it’s wealth at the cost of human lives. Thank you for your comment as always, I really do appreciate it. Be well my friend. 🙂

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