Every Face

I live life walking amongst the masses

Seeing stories in every face,

In every wrinkle, smile, frown,

In every scar and freckle,

Real or imagined they speak to me.

Their silence, writing volumes,

Horror, action, romance, fact, fiction,

Genre’–It is for me to decide,

Bending reality into a thing of make believe.

My entertainment is paramount,

Turning the commonplace to adventure,

Breathing life into the mundane.

This is the art, the medium unimportant,

Though mine is of the word.

Looking in the mirror

You could not possibly see what I see,

For it lives only in my mind

Until it boils over onto paper.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

5 thoughts on “Every Face

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    • Thank you so much, people tend to make assumptions based on only one of their senses, sight, and that can be all we need to come up with some amazing, although fictitious pieces. 🙂

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