I Am Resigned

I am resigned…

That I am but a drop in the greater waterfall of humanity.

Yet without me the waterfall would be incomplete.

Regardless of how seemingly insignificant

I am integral to this perfect design.

I take comfort in knowing that this world would be a different place without me.

World events today, our history would not be the same,

Nothing that is happening

Or has happened in this lifetime

Would have occurred precisely the same way without my existence.

What we do,

The love we emit,

The hearts we touch,

Ripple out into the world at large

Affecting everything and everyone.

Yes, I am resigned…

That I am but a drop in the greater waterfall of humanity,

But I am never discouraged.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



17 thoughts on “I Am Resigned

    • Thank you very much Anna, and I wholeheartedly agree the we all DO matter, though it is sad to see that in today’s society, the more money and material possessions one has the more they seem to matter. This is a terrible thing in my opinion.

  1. Fantastic. This is why I started lifewall.org. Every human should be remembered. Human history is all of us, not just the famous, infamous, and rich. This is why I hope people get on our wall and create a space to immortalize us all.

    • Thank you my friend, I will check you your blog and I agree, we are all of importance, not just those with power, prestige or wealth, these things are only temporary. Every human life is of value and no less valuable than any other though sadly this is not often realized in our material society.

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