Destitute, Broken

Destitute, broken
Veterans thrown to the streets
Forgotten by all
Do they not deserve much more
Than to be treated like trash
They sacrificed much
Though the cause–questionable
Do we not owe them
Our gratitude and our help
For the part of them they lost
~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

25 thoughts on “Destitute, Broken

  1. This touched my heart, being a disabled veteran. Thankfully, I’m not on the streets, and though it took a while and the intervention of a Congressman to get my records unsealed, I am receiving benefits, (such as they are). Thank you for thinking of all of us. Peace . . .

    • It truly is my pleasure and thank you so much for your service and sacrifice. Whatever benefits you are receiving I’m certain are not enough, they never are. My son is a veteran as well although I am so thankful that he came back from Afghanistan physically unscathed. Be well my friend and thank you again, I just wish I could do more.

      • Your kindness is enough – and I am thrilled to know that your son returned unscathed, (physically, anyway). The mental can be the real beast – I’m 100% permanent for PTSD, and it wrecks you physiologically, too. I hope if he is troubled he admits it and seeks the help. My service was a long time ago – Cold War, sneaky-Pete suff – but it’s all the same in the end. Peace to you and to your son.

      • Thank so much and I am sorry for the difficulties you are still enduring. I don’t think most people realize how much war changes a person. I have no first hand experience with war, but I realize that there is no possible way it cannot affect a person for the remainder of their lives. My son is fine physically, but he does have PTSD and another issue that I assume is associated with it that he needs to seek attention for. He has gone as far as getting the paperwork from the VA. Now he just has to follow through with filling it out and turning it in. Peace and blessings to you as well my friend.

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