Spoken For

Here is a piece of writing worth reading. I love how down to earth it is…very impressive. Great job Trey.

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying


What will I do when God answers me?

Will I believe it is actually him?

I don’t see how I couldn’t…
I’m sure I’ll know, don’t y’all think…
Him being God and all…

I would like to hear his voice, I think; although the prophets say I couldn’t handle it; yet, they all heard him, didn’t they?

I know he’s a really great listener but I don’t get much feedback from him other than that still small voice I can’t seem to hear over the noise of my complex little world.

What if he cuts into one of my prayers and asks “What now, Trey?”

All pissed off, like…

What if he says that he’s heard all this from me before; over and over and over again; blah blah blah

What if he says “I love you, but you disappoint me and you make me crazy!”

Or “I am done…

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