Fearmongers Abound

Fearmongers abound

Ebola, ISIS, healthcare

Scaring the masses

Nothing more than politics

Spread by corrupt media

“Fair and Balanced”, ha!

They all have an agenda


Not to report and inform

But to divide and conquer

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

24 thoughts on “Fearmongers Abound

  1. No doubt about this. The media is totally corrupt along with their buddies in Congress and the White House. They are nothing but propaganda ministries do mislead the masses who are ignorant of the facts. It’s a conspiracy of immense proportions. Only disagreement is your reference to Fox News. That is as close as you are going to get to real news. I am talking about their news hour and NOT their nightly opinion shows. BIG difference in my opinion.

    • I would agree, the newshour is as close to real news for Fox as anything on their network, however it is greatly overshadowed by the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Steve Doocy and a host of other characters, as you said in their nightly line-up that do nothing but inflame the populace with their right wing puff pieces. This is not to say that the left doesn’t have the same thing in the likes of MSNBC. What troubles me is that I am old enough to remember a time when nothing like this “entertainment news” existed. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS was what we had and they provided balance reporting on the issues providing both sides to the public. Those days are gone and I fear that they will never return, how sad for the American people. Thank you for the thoughtful comment Steve, I really appreciate it and I appreciate the re-blog as well.

    • They clearly are dividing us, I have never seen a more divided America than I see right now…we can’t seem to agree on anything and it is fueled by the extreme fringe politicians and the far left and far right media in this country. Much of the media here no longer reports to inform the populace, but instead to lure them to take one side of an issue or another, they are completely biased.

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