To Protect And Server

To protect and serve

Whole communities in fear

Race should not matter

But it does and always has

More so in this day and age

Policing has changed

More vicious, less tolerant

They’re militarized

Controlling people by fear

Instead of using respect

When did this happen

Jackboots on the peoples necks

Tanks in city streets

Science fiction is now real

Welcome to the brave new world


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


6 thoughts on “To Protect And Server

    • It certainly is. Our friends and neighbors in so many places are being targeted (profiled) by our police departments because of the color of their skin, their race or their religious affiliations. This is wrong and I had hoped that we were on a better course, but obviously in so many places this is not the case. I am not anti-police by any means, but I believe that they need to be representatives of the communities they serve and live by the motto “To Protect and Server” and in so many cases that is not happening.

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