16 thoughts on “Election Day Nears (Tanka)

      • The only flaw I’ve seen with that is you still have evil. Kind of like choosing between getting shot or stabbed. One might be ‘better’ than the other in your mind, but you’re still going to get hurt by the decision. Maybe we should find people who don’t want to be politicians and put them in charge.

      • I have actually seen that. The town I grew up in had a mayor once who was also a minister and let me tell you he only lasted one term. He was a good man, but good men and politics typically don’t mix and the person doesn’t last.

      • You are damn right about that. They say they work for the people….go figure, but I do know this is that the people if they are educated in the issues and involved can have a saying on how they want or will like the country to go in this or that diraction. Democracy, different ways of thinking so as in everything i life you compromise, respecting each other with different ideas, but you have to be a participant.

      • You are absolutely right, it is all about education and participation, but too many people don’t take the time to learn about the issues and make informed decisions. Those that do learn about the issues then many times don’t even attempt to hold their elected officials accountable. Thank you Charly for the great comment, I really appreciate it.

      • I appreciate reading you. Not kidding i´m new to this thing so it´s great for me to read people that know how to write.

        And yes, about the subject mater i agree completely.

      • Thanks Charly that is really nice of you to say. I love your writing as well, you tackle some serious topics with an element of humor which is something I’m not very good at. Keep doing what you are doing.

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